Greece Traditions

Greece The Greeks love and cherish the tradition. And not only cherish but also revived. Even those who seemingly hopelessly gone. And this they call for the respect of all who understands - without traditions Greece would not have been Greece. Before the holidays Greeks are particularly sentimental. Residents of Athens, for example, remember that they love the hurdy-gurdy. In the not too distant past, these musical instruments were among the symbols of their capital. Now in the apartments of the rich, they are as adornments. Traditions is filled with all of Greek life. Do not know the movements of folk dances - for the Greeks simply indecent. A dance to, or fellow diners in the restaurant decide that you're not a real Greek. Suddenly jumped up from the table and danced for the Greeks - a common occurrence. Greece, ancient and eternally young Ellada ... managed to smuggle through the Millennium respect to labor, beauty and talent. And to make it their most important tradition.

Religion: Orthodox Christianity.

Give way in public transport for women and the elderly are not accepted. Treatment - usually by name, but very soon you may be asked to address by name.

Athens taxi drivers often choose to travel a longer route or do not include the counter. Such acts are severely punished - to record number of taxi and give it to the Tourist Police. As a kind of insurance against fraud can be advised to negotiate a fee for the trip before boarding the car.

Official holidays, which covered all establishments and shops, with the exception of kiosks and shops in tourist areas, the following:
January 1 - New Year's
January 6 - Epiphany
March 25 - Annunciation; Independence Day
1 st day of Lent - Lent Monday
Date change - Good Friday
date varies - Easter
2 nd day after Easter - Easter Monday
May 1 - Flower Day
Date change - Trinity
August 15 - Assumption
October 28 - Ochi Day
December 25-26 - Christmas.

Searching in Greece, something the address should be borne in mind that the streets with the same name may appear in different areas. Therefore, writing the address, specify the area and landmarks. Sometimes even the taxi drivers do not know exactly where is this or that street address.


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