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France As prices of hotels and restaurants includes taxes and service charges - they should not stand out as separate items in the invoice. In cafes, bars and some restaurants is cheaper to eat and drink at the bar than at the table. Typically this will be two prices: "au comptoir" (at the counter) and a salle "(table). Lunch on the street tables near the restaurant or coffee shop is at 20% higher than in the room. Gratuity at a rate of 10 to 15%, usually in restaurants included in the bill, but the surrender in the form of small coins decided to leave on the table. In cafes and bars customary to leave tips are fixed (eg 50 cents for a cup of coffee).

The local bartenders and waiters, there is a system to refer to the calculation with the client. In some bars on the table, put a plate (the client paid, waiting for delivery) or an inverted bowl (the customer paid the bill and is waiting for delivery), the other in a special way they bend their corner of the account or put a mark on it ... Finding your way in this system is fairly difficult, so it is recommended to seek advice from the guide or to local residents.


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